What Questions Should I Ask Newborn Photographers?

What Questions Should I Ask Newborn Photographers?

By: Maggie Sutherland, Award Winning St. Louis Newborn Photographer


Congratulations on your pregnancy! If you’re looking for a newborn photographer, you’re probably at least halfway through, which is the perfect time to start looking! By now, you’ve planned the nursery, dreamt of rocking your newborn to sleep in the chair you chose, and picked out some tiny newborn clothes that you can’t wait to have a baby to put in. You also are probably looking into hiring a photographer to capture pictures of your baby and your family’s first portraits. But, have you thought about what questions to ask a newborn photographer before booking with them?

Of course, taking newborn pictures is a great way to freeze those early days and share them with friends and family. There are lots of newborn photographers to choose from, but finding the best newborn photographer for you isn’t always easy. That’s why we’ve put together this helpful guide to help you ask all the right questions and make sure you are choosing a capable photographer. Hopefully, photographers will volunteer much of this information before you ever need to ask, but if these questions haven’t been addressed, be sure to ask! You want to make sure you receive an experience you are happy with.

Be sure to Ask…

What safety precautions do you have in place?

What type of newborn session do you offer? Is family posing included?

Are you insured and a legal business?

Where can I see your portfolio of newborn photos?

How long will my photo session last?

What should I bring to my session?

Do you offer a client closet and props?

Where will my newborn photo session take place?

Will I get digital images or printed products to take home?

What safety precautions do you have in place?

This is THE most important question you must as a newborn photographer! Not all newborn photographers are the same. Not all newborn photographers have taken the proper safety classes. Just because a newborn photographer has taken newborn photos before, or even has kids of their own, does not mean they practice safe posing. You want their answer to this to include a few parts.

First, they should have completed safe posing classes in person or online, and preferably several. There is no requirement for newborn photography safety classes, so you cannot just assume they have taken a class.

Second, you should hear that they are CPR certified. Anyone handling your newborn should be trained in CPR and first aid to ensure they can handle any situation that might arise. Although it’s unlikely to be needed, it shows that the photographer is taking their client’s safety seriously.

Third, what policies do they have as far as illnesses go. Do they allow family members in if they aren’t feeling well? Or do they require that you reschedule? What if the photographer is sick? If anyone is sick and you need to reschedule, will you be guaranteed a spot? A trustworthy newborn photographer should have a policy stating no one who has been ill in the last 24-48 hours is allowed and their session will be made up as soon as safely possible.

What Type of Newborn Session do you Offer?

Before you ask this, decide for yourself whether you prefer lifestyle or posed newborn photos. You want to find a newborn photographer who offers a style you will be happy to display in your home. Do they offer a studio for lifestyle or will they photos be taken in your own home. For posed, what type of props do they offer?

Are you Insured and a Legal Business?

Another big one! Does the photographer have insurance? All photographers should have insurance, but it is especially important for a newborn photographer. Are they a legal business? You wouldn’t hire a painter or handyman that wasn’t legal and insured, so DO NOT hire a photographer unless they are a real business, either!

Where Can I See Your Portfolio of Newborn Images?

Once the big questions have been answered, you want to make sure you like their style. Find out where you can see some of their images and check them out. Do you have any favorites of theirs? Be sure to mention them!

How Long Will My Photo Session Last?

Some photographers only allot one hour and others set aside three or four! Ask this question so you know what to expect, how to prepare, and what type of images you may be getting. Typically, lifestyle photos do not take as long as posed newborn photos.

What Should I Bring to my Session?

Hopefully your photographer will have a newborn prep guide, but if not, they should have advice on things you might need. They’ll probably also share what they offer and have for you and things that you will most likely want to bring.

Do You Offer a Client Closet and Props?

Will you need to provide your own props? Do they have what is needed as far as the baby props go? And do they offer dresses for moms or will you choose your own to wear? Will they help you plan out your outfits or is it all up to you?

Where will my newborn photo session take place?

Newborn photographers will either have a commercial space for their studio, home studio, or will travel to your home for the session. There are benefits to all three types of studios, but this may be a deciding factor for you. If you don’t have space for a photographer to set up all their lighting and posing equipment, you’ll want to go to an in home studio or commercial studio. If you want lifestyle photos in your own home, you’ll want to find a newborn photographer who will do that. Or maybe this isn’t a deciding factor and you just want a photographer who will capture beautiful memories for your family, no matter where they are taken. No matter what your opinion on this, its still a good idea to know where you’ll be. Some photographers will even have a studio tour on their website where you can see it before you ever go. Other photographers will invite you to a pre session consultation where you’ll get to see their studio in person.

Do You Offer Digital Images or Printed Products?

This is one most people don’t think of. Do you want digital images or do you want printed products? Do you want to just share on facebook or do you want beautiful artwork for your home that will last for generations? Do you want to deal with printing yourself, or do you want to be taken care of every step of the way? With a newborn in the house, will you have time to figure out prints? Or would you like for your photographer to help with size selection, suggest products that match your lifestyle, and make sure all of the images come out perfect?

So, what questions should I ask newborn photographers? These questions are things that should all be addressed before you book your newborn photo session! Whether the photoshoot will take place at their studio or in your own home, these many details should be discussed beforehand so both parties know what to expect.

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Written by Maggie Sutherland

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