Best Prenatal Massage in Middle TN

Where to go in Middle TN for a Prenatal Massage

If you are pregnant, one of the best things you can do for yourself is to get a prenatal massage. This type of massage is specifically designed for pregnant women and can help relieve tension in your muscles and improve your circulation. It’s also a great way to relax and de-stress. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the best places to get a prenatal massage in our area.

If you are pregnant and looking for a prenatal massage in Middle TN, there are several great options available to you. I’ll be telling you about my favorite two spots today! These are both great places, and aren’t in any particular order.

The first place I would recommend is in Smyrna TN, it’s Blue Sage Spa.

They offer amazing prenatal massage services. One of my favorite things about this place (aside from the phenomenal crew), is their relaxation room. It’s pretty much what it sounds like. You go in for your service, in this case a prenatal massage, and you get a key to a locker where you’ll find your perfect size robe and sandals waiting for you. You get changed, lock up your belongings, and go to the relaxation room to await your prenatal massage. They have snacks and tea available for you, and a relaxing waterfall with calm lights and music.

I’ve been a long time client of Blue Sage Spa.

I love how calming everything about the place is.

I do have a favorite therapist, but I haven’t had a single bad experience with any person or service there. It’s just incredible. Check them out asap!

PS, once you’ve had your baby and been cleared for regular massages, you should check out their Pink Himalayan hot stone massage. It’s like a hot stone massage, but even better! I’m so looking forward to my next Himalayan salt massage!!

If that doesn’t sound like your vibe, just wait for this next one! To be fully transparent, I haven’t been to this one for a prenatal massage (I’m newly a client to this place), but the services I’ve experienced here are amazing and I am sure the same is true for prenatal massage.

This place is MAGICAL, truly, in more ways than one! If you’re looking for a prenatal massage in Murfreesboro TN, you must check out Wand and Willow Spa!

Wendy is the owner, and her entire presence is calming and just makes you want to be a better person!

The vibe at Wand and Willow is magical, if you’re into harry potter and herbal potions, this is YOUR place! Even if you’re not into that (I must admit, I’ve never read or watched Harry Potter), you’ll love Wendy. I’m sure of it.

I first checked out Wand and Willow for a facial service that I’d seen advertised (thanks Facebook for doing your thing!), but I stuck around for the amazing and calming experience. Definitely check out her facials, my husband was so impressed with my skin over the next week or so that he booked one for himself! Ok, back to the prenatal massage – I didn’t get one there, because I’m not pregnant, but I DID go back for a massage and it was perfectly relaxing, while also working out some tension.

I felt so amazing afterward and can’t wait for my next service with Wendy!

So, there you have it! Two of the best places in Middle TN for prenatal massage. I hope this was helpful, and that you are able to find a place that you love and feel comfortable with. As always, feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

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